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 PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)

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Male Location : Kent UK
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PostSubject: PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)   Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:26 am

This is not my video

This Glitch is (as far as i know) only on ps3

you need call of duty mw2 and the bonus map "Fuel"

if you head for the desert area from the east side of the map you will reach a rock, its the first one you come across from the east, its adjoined to another rock, you need to find the sharp corner and persistantly try to push into it, it will let you in after a while in which case lay low so your head does not stick out.

No one can shoot you or see you but you can shoot and see them.

My advice is have i large magazine weapon idealy the MG4 so you dont run out of ammo so quick, a tactical insertion so you will respawn back inside the rock, stun granades so enemy cant see where your shooting from, and a shotgun as secondary for quick easy kills. Dont use scrambler or silencers as you want to attract the enemy to your location so you can kill more, also just try to lay or crouch so your view isnt obvious where you are in the killcams they see.

I have had flawless in this map due to the rock.

Another great idea is to have century gun set as a killstreak, collect it, get in the rock and set it pointing east then attract enemy Smile
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Male Location : U.K
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PostSubject: Re: PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:47 pm

This video is on xbox as you can see people are logging in and joining his party on xbox 360,

So i'm guessing this works for both consoles, ps3 and xbox 360.

I might try this glitch Smile

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Male Location : Kent UK
Posts : 110

PostSubject: Re: PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)   Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:14 am

think danny tried this on his xbox and i heard it might have been patched now
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PostSubject: Re: PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)   

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PS3 Call of Duty MW2 Glitch (Fuel)
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